Early Learning Coalition Approval
Early Learning Coalitions in Florida provide guidance to many child-care and early learning programs when selecting specific curricula. These coalitions employ a rigorous review process when determining the quality and effectiveness of early childhood curricula for providers to select.
Components reviewed by these coalitions include:
  • Alignments to early learning standards.
  • Research documentation.
  • Assessment tools.
  • Professional Development opportunities.

HighReach Learning is pleased that our curricula continues to be approved or recommended by these coalitions. Below is a list where our curricula have been approved and/or recommended. Should an early childhood curriculum adoption cycle take place in which you would like HighReach Learning to participate, or if you would like to obtain more information about when HighReach Learning curriculum will be placed on your coalition's curriculum list, please email Jenn Siegfried, at jsiegfried@highreach.com for more information.

HighReach Learning Curriculum (Toddlers through Pre-K) and/or Passports: Experiences for Pre-K Success was recently added to the approved or recommended curriculum lists by:
HighReach Learning Curriculum also aligns with Florida's Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Standards: Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Standards