Connecting with Families

Families are children's first and best teachers and can provide you with background information about children's personalities, values, cultural practices, and unique interests; they are a valuable classroom resource. Children learn from their social interactions with the people around them. It's important to include families' cultural perspectives and local community events in your early childhood learning environment.

Curriculum and learning are most effective when they happen within positive, strong, and encouraging child-adult relationships. Children learn best when families are involved at all stages of their education. HighReach Learning curriculum:

  • Involves and informs families, connecting them to classroom experiences.
  • Provides open-ended learning opportunities for real skill development.
  • Encourages families to interact through simple routines, which has been shown to provide real, positive impacts for children.

Our curriculum programs offer Family Connection Sets to help keep families informed and involved about their children's growth and development in the classroom. In addition, all of our topics suggest ways to connect children to the community around them by incorporating local events, suggesting possible field trips, or inviting speakers into the classroom. This not only makes learning fun but meaningful and powerful.