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Children learn best when they are learning what interests them. HighReach Learning curriculum integrates content through topics of study that are chosen to engage children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder in the world around them. Our Big Idea Topics start with a small concept, which can be expanded and built upon in many different directions. Every exploration presents opportunities to build and extend a child’s knowledge base. When provided with meaningful concepts that are a part of their everyday lives, children focus on making connections and solving problems, becoming amazingly deep and powerful thinkers.
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The world is fun and full of wonder! In Everyday Places and Routines, children explore the adventures of starting school (new people, places, emotions, making friends, etc.) and uncover the similarities and differences between home and school. Skin Covers Many Things investigates the similarities and differences between all different types of skin, how to care for it, how it protects, and more. The skins of animals, fruits, vegetables, trees, and more are also explored.
Encourage children’s natural tendencies – sorting, stacking, creating, and expressing themselves. Building examines concepts of physical science (size, balance, etc.) through architecture, art, the act of building inside and outside, ways animals build, and more.
In What Happens When, children discover cause-and-effect relationships through a journey of bubbles, mixing liquids and solids, using simple tools, cooking, and much more. Experimenting with science, art, and ways to relate to others provides the spark to ignite imagination.
  Toys, trees, buildings, and our clothes provide the perfect backdrop for exploring Textures and Fabrics. Children’s sense of touch guides them through an inquiry of fabrics, the creation of texture, creating with texture, and more.   Go beyond block-building and basic art with Creations and Innovations. Children will be inspired to invent and innovate through sounds, dance, and foods, while discovering tools that make life easier and help us create.
  Being green requires an understanding of the purpose and realities of our natural world and how this relates to what we do every day. In Eco-Exploring, children will be immersed in weather, habitats, conservation, ecology, biology, and much more. Pursue the knowledge of flight with Wings and Things That Fly and encourage children to spread their wings as they expand their understanding of birds, bats, insects, airplanes, and other flying things.
  Shades and hues of colors, sense of touch, the sun, and the moon are just the beginning of Light and Dark. Subjects such as uncovering why light is important, which animals come out only at night, shadows, and reflections shine spotlights on children’s wonder.   Pack your bags for destinations near and far with Traveling! Going the distance beyond how we travel, whether by car, boat, plane, or on foot, this topic delves into varied cultures, communities, and scenes near and far to be discovered.
  Summer Fun offers many fun-filled ways for children to build healthy bodies, express their boundless creativity, and expand their wonder and appreciation for nature. Includes special bonus materials.    


Passports: Experiences for Pre-K Success

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  Through photography, human eyes, animal eyes, and objects that help us see, investigate the many ways the sense of sight helps us in Looking at the World.
Subtopics included:
• Photography
• Our Eyes
• Animal Eyes
• Things That Help Us See
Empower children to better express their needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings with Communication. Explore varied aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication, symbols and signs, animal communication, and more. Subtopics included:
• Speech and Writing
• Familiar Signs, Symbols,  and Signals
• Communicating Without  Words
• Animal Communication
  Analyze and understand the benefits of simple devices, handheld tools, gadgets, and devices. Through Tools, children will discover tools that measure, scoop, carry, collect, smooth, spread, and much more.
Subtopics included:
• Tools That Measure
• Tools That Hold Things Together and Take Things Apart
• Tools That Dig, Scoop, Collect, and Carry
• Tools That Stir, Smooth, and Spread
  Discover design and building structures, unearth design elements, and delve into local and global communities in Architecture. Examine how architecture protects us, houses us, decorates our world, and is a part of our environment.
Subtopics included:
• Design Elements
• Architectural Materials
• Homes
• Unique Structures
  Broaden children’s perspectives on an ordinary item with String. Immerse children in the different types and purposes of string, artistic uses of string, and how string makes connections in our world possible.
Subtopics included:
• Different Types of String
• Different Types of String Have Different Purposes
• String Can Be Used in Artistic Ways
• String Can Be Fun
  New shoes represent growing bigger and stronger, running faster, and jumping higher. Through Shoes and Feet, children will explore cultural variations and geographical considerations as they analyze, synthesize, and compare human feet, animal feet, special shoes, and protection for our feet.
Subtopics included:
• Our Feet
• Special Shoes
• We Buy Shoes to Protect Our Feet
• Animal Feet
  Containers are all around and have many purposes, including holding, protecting, and transporting objects. Exploring everyday objects, children can classify common containers, natural containers, and unusual containers.
Subtopics included:
• Common Containers
• Purposes of Containers
• Natural Containers
• Unusual Containers
  What items do we encounter everyday that are wheels? Spin children’s interest in Wheels through an investigation of properties of wheels, how wheels make work easier, how wheels helps us travel, and having fun with wheels.
Subtopics included:
• Properties of Wheels
• Wheels Take You Places
• Wheels Make Work Easier
• Wheels Are Fun
  Expand on safety and beyond with Protection. Explore the parts of the human body that protect us from the elements, ways animals protect themselves from predators, protective gear, and the people in the community who work to protect us.
Subtopics included:
• Animal Protection
• Protective Gear
• Our Bodies
• People Who Protect
  Water is essential for the survival of all forms of life. Dive into the study of Water by examining its three states (liquid, solid, gas), the water cycle and how water moves around our planet, bodies of water, and having fun with water!
Subtopics included:
• Ways We Use Water
• Bodies of Water
• Different Forms of Water
• Fun with Water   
  Lend an ear and discover the sounds that can be made with everyday objects. As children move and groove through Sound and Rhythm, they will investigate instruments, poetry, songs, rhyming words, and natural sounds that provide the soundtrack to our lives.
Subtopics included:
• Everyday Sounds
• Movin’ & Groovin’
• Rhythm & Rhyme
• Sounds of Nature   
  Noses do more than search for smells; they help us breathe and protect us. Explore the parts of noses, how they work, animal noses and the jobs they perform, and the similarities and differences of all kinds of Noses.
Subtopics included:
• We Have Unique Noses
• Animals Have Special Noses
• Noses Smell
• Famous Noses
  Appealing to our senses, Color is a powerful, useful communicator. Celebrate the uniqueness of how each of us sees color, while examining the many tints and shades of nature, the communication of color, making color, and its function in our lives and daily routines.  
Subtopics included:
• Exploring Color
• Making Color
• Natural Color
• Color as a Communicator
  Reach new heights by experimenting with standard and nonstandard units of measure. By comparing things in ways that are meaningful and relevant to children, Measuring uses early math to investigate speed, time, positional concepts, lengths, weights, and more.
Subtopics included:
• Relating to Myself and Others
• Number Concepts
• Speed and Time
• Spatial Concepts and Geometry
  Fasteners are everywhere – we use them to tie our shoes, button our shirts, seal containers, and close backpacks. Explore how to fasten items, the function of fasteners, creating with fasteners, and discovering fasteners that are all around us.
Subtopics included:
• Ways to Fasten
• Fasteners We Wear
• Fasteners Around Us
• Fasteners We Create With
  Growing is an everyday occurrence. Children will investigate how their bodies grow, what things need to grow, and how the world around them is continually Growing.
Subtopics included:
• Our Bodies
• Growing Up
• What Things Need to Grow
• Things That Grow or Get Bigger