Creating Lesson Plans

Click the video below to learn more about creating lesson plans and teaching with intentionality.

Assisting you in being an intentional teacher, HighReach Learning curriculum offers support from planning to implementation. From providing assistance in assessing children’s goals to capturing children’s interests and creating a plan, HighReach Learning curriculum makes it easier for you to teach with intention.

Gather Information
  • Use our learning objectives, included in every Learning Experiences Guide, to determine your goals and objectives for your children’s conceptual and skill development.

  • What do children already know about this topic? What interests have you observed in the children? Use the K-W-L or R-E-I Methods to further discover what children already know and want to learn about a topic.

Customize Our Concept Web

  • Use our detailed Concept Web to identify what you have observed or what your children have said they wish to learn about. Fine-tune our learning experiences to fit your children’s needs and interests by customizing our Concept Web.

Create Your Plan

Based on children's interests, focus on a subtopic from our Concept Web to create your lesson plan. Pick and choose learning experiences from our guide that best meet children’s interests in what they wish to learn.