Using Concept Webs

Concept webs provide a map, showing how ideas connect and build on one another. All HighReach Learning curriculum programs include a detailed concept web for every topic. Providing a foundation to the topic of study, our concept webs show the many connections that children may discover. We encourage you to customize the web to reflect your children, families, and communities. As you plan using our concept web, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have I observed or heard other things that give cues about what children are interested in?

  • What else have children said or done that can be added to the web?

  • Have I included local and community events that tie to this topic?

  • Are there other ideas I can add to make the web reflect the children, families, and community?

Click on the concept web to explore it in detail.

Concept webs are constantly evolving. Add to the web as children explore topics and define their thinking; the web will continue to be used as your planning guide. Actively observe children's explorations in order to identify other areas of interest within the topic as well as skills and concepts that need further development.