Program Materials for Toddlers & Twos

Our curriculum programs contain teaching and family components that provide a solid foundation from which explorations can be built and extended according to the specific curiosities of the children. Curriculum for Toddlers and Curriculum for Twos support active learning through hands-on play, create secure connections, and motivate exploration. 

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Teaching Support Materials per Topic

 The Learning Experiences Guide contains a topical concept web and up to 120* learning experiences organized by learning domain. All experiences are built to emerge from children’s interests and support individual developmental needs.


  Our Interactive Posters highlight three critical areas of support provided within the curriculum: language, physical development, and self-regulation/social skills. Every topic contains our Let’s Talk About It, Move with Me, and Relating To, posters.

 Expose children to new vocabulary and connect them to the topics they are exploring with our Board Book.


 Our photographic Conversation Cards offer interesting facts to support and reinforce investigations.

  The adorable Plush Puppet provides a playful, interactive way to introduce new ideas and engage children.


  Included with selected topics, our Health Display** supports important healthy habits (washing hands, brushing teeth, etc.)

Family Connection Sets per Topic

Our exclusive bilingual Family Connection Set promotes the bond between home and school and provides families with opportunities to extend learning simply during normal routines. Each Family Connection Set contains materials for five children.

Keep families informed about topics being discussed
in the classroom and provide simple learning tips
with our Family Newsletter.



Encourage the fun of shared reading with our topic-related Storybook. Children receive copies of the same storybooks used by the teacher.



The tips in Cuddle & Connect offer families quick,
easy interactions to do On the Go, At Mealtime,
In the Bath, or Out and About.




Families will be able to see
what has been done at school and continue the learning at home with the fun experiences
in Discoveries-to-Go.



With our Family Posters, children will be thrilled to
show all the exciting things they are learning.


*Curriculum for Toddlers contains up to 75 learning experiences per topic.
**Health Display included with
Everyday Places and Routines, Textures and Fabrics, What Happens When, and Wings and Things That Fly.
† Each Family Connection Set contains materials for 5 children. All family materials are in English and Spanish except storybook.