Head Start Framework Planning Supplements

We have created a Framework Guide for each HighReach Learning Curriculum for Pre-K topic showing how to meet all of the outcomes outlined in the New Head Start Framework. You can be certain that our curriculum products meet the high standards set forth by Head Start. Below are some frequently asked questions about these curriculum planning supplements.

How is the new framework different from the earlier Head Start Child Outcomes Framework?
Three new domains have been added: Social Studies, Logic and Reasoning, and English Language Development. The other domains have been revamped to make them clearer, more specific, and easier to use. You can view a webcast and download details by clicking here.

Do I need to make changes to the HighReach curriculum so that it will support the new framework?
Absolutely not! HighReach Learning curriculum has always focused on the comprehensive needs of the whole child! There are experiences in each curriculum topic that will help you address every domain and element of the new Child Development and Early Learning Framework. In addition, we have created a table for each topic that shows where to find learning experiences to meet the new domains.

Can these Planning Supplments help me customize the curriculum to help the children I teach?Yes! This guide provides a quick way to find experiences that support specific areas of the framework. For example, during your screening process or when you observe children, you may discover that children need work in Social and Emotional Development or another particular area. You can use the planning supplement to help you find experiences that help children progress in that specific area.

Can this Framework Guide help me document ways I am addressing the entire framework?
Yes! Refer to this guide to answer any questions about how the curriculum supports each domain and domain element included in the framework.

When I plan, do I need a separate HighReach Learning experience to go with each domain element?
No. Because the learning experiences are fully integrated, you can use the same experience to support growth in many different areas.

Do I need to offer every curriculum experience to be sure I cover all the areas of the framework?No. The experiences are very flexible. Choose experiences that fit best with children’s interests and needs and you can use those experience choices to help children progress.

Use the links below to view/print the Head Start Framework Curriculum Planning Supplement for each HighReach Learning topic.

Everyday Places and Routines Skin Covers Many Things Building
Textures and Fabrics Creations and Innovations Light and Dark
What Happens When . . . Eco-Exploring Traveling
Wings and Things That Fly    
From Home to School Harvest Time Sensational Senses
Let's Pretend Terrific Tools Trucks and Big Machines
Up in the Sky In the Grass Digging in the Dirt
Splish and Splash