Tips for Connecting with Families

HighReach Learning Family Connection Sets

Promote the bond between home and school and provide families with opportunities to extend learning simply during daily routines with our exclusive bilingual Family Connection Sets. All components are in English and Spanish except storybook. Our Family Connection Sets contain the following materials.

Family Newsletter
Keep families informed and involved about topics being discussed in the classroom. These newsletters also include children's books related to the current topic and tips for using the Family Poster.

Children's Storybook
Encourage the fun of shared reading time with these topic-related storybooks. Children receive copies of the same storybooks used by the teacher. Families can extend learning and build language, vocabulary, and comprehension with the suggestions and discussion questions included on the back cover of each book.

Cuddle & Connect/Reflect & Connect
Offer families quick, easy interactions to do On the Go, At Mealtime, In the Bath, or Out and About with these helpful tips. These playful connections make daily routines fun and interactive, further connecting families to classroom experiences.
Families will be able to see what has been done at school and continue the learning at home. These fun experiences can be a springboard into an engaging conversation: "Tell me about . . ."
Family Posters
Children will be thrilled to show all the exciting things they are learning about. Posters focus on movement, social/emotional development, or language development and include ways families can use this poster at home.

Additional Tips

  • Post your K-W-L chart where families, children, and colleagues can see; it is a powerful communication tool.
  • Invite family members to share their knowledge, talents, and expertise to enhance learning.
  • Find ways to speak to every family everyday about their child (comment on what child said that day; share observations, projects, etc.).
  • Provide families with book suggestions that are related to your current topic of study. Our Family Newsletters are a great place to start!
  • Encourage families to actively participate in classroom activities.
  • Offer ideas on ways families can extend classroom experiences into your local community. For example, if the topic of study explores where food comes from, encourage families to visit a farmers' market together.
  • Explore the cultural diversity of families.

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