Information for Families

Family involvement has been shown to be one of the biggest predictors of school success. High-quality, one-on-one interactions for as little five minutes a day can make a huge difference in your child's school readiness and success. But where to begin? How to create these high-quality interactions? HighReach Learning curriculum provides simple solutions to not only keep you informed, but involved and engaged with your child as well.

Get involved and engaged with our Family Connection Sets!

Predictor of School Success How HighReach Helps

Developing Knowledge & Concepts

Drawing conclusions and making predictions based on current knowledge; expanding upon what child already knows. Comprehending new information about people, places, things, and processes develops language and cognitive skills.  

Expand upon your child's interests and curiosities with our Discoveries-to-Go and Family Poster. Each provide opportunities to begin complex conversations and ways for children to discuss what they know, building language and new understanding. Ask your child to tell you about the Family Poster and wait. You'll be amazed at what you hear!

Book, Alphabet, & Print Awareness

Reading storybooks fosters vocabulary, sound structure, print awareness, story and language structure, attention, and a love for reading.

A Children's Storybook is included in all Family Connection Sets and is sent home to encourage shared reading. Each storybook also extends learning and builds language, vocabulary, and comprehension with the suggestions and discussion questions included on the back cover of each book. Our Family Newsletter also includes a book list related to the current classroom topic.

Social/Emotional & Vocabulary Development

Creating complex conversations with explanation, storytelling, and more. Talk with your child in a back-and-forth conversation and help express needs, wants, and thoughts using verbal or nonverbal communication.

Quality conversations at mealtimes lead to stronger expressive language skills, comprehension, and literacy development. We offer a simple solution to make mealtimes and daily routines high-quality interaction times! Our Cuddle & Connect/Reflect & Connect include conversation starters and ideas for On the Go, At Mealtime, In the Bath, and Out and About.


Tips for Shared Reading Time!

  • Read with energy and enthusiasm!
  • Ask your child to name items/objects on each page.
  • Pose who, what, why, when, where, and how questions throughout the story.
  • Ask open-ended questions about stories (What do you think will happen next? What would you do if you
    were . . .?, etc.)
  • Encourage your child to tell or retell a story in his/her own way.

Click below to view samples of interactive reading in action!

Interactive Reading Video 1

Interactive Reading Video 2

Interactive Reading Video 3