At HighReach Learning, we believe that in order to best meet the ever changing developmental needs of preschoolers, we must first recognize where children are in their development by looking at key behaviors. Once we recognize where children are, we can then use that information to create plans that respond to each child's growth needs.

HRL-GRO is a progress-monitoring tool designed to track changes and growth in children’s behavior over time. In order to support children to achieve full potential and develop school readiness skills, we must reflect on what we observe children doing. Designed as a tool to assist educators by making reflection and observation intentional and focused, GRO provides critical information to know where a child is, and what the next step is in the development of the skills. 

One of the challenges of early childhood is to define the skills we want children to have as they enter kindergarten. HRL-GRO provides the underlying steps that lead to the development of specific skills so teaching interactions can focus directly at the child’s level along with important information about what to watch for as each step of development is clearly outlined. The achievement of each step is seen as an accomplishment along the path toward entering school ready to succeed.

Watch the HRL-GRO demo