HRL-GRO Ongoing Observation Tool

Introducing HighReach GRO:
Growing through Reflection and Observation

HRL-GRO is a progress-monitoring tool designed to track changes and growth in children's development and learning over time.

In order to support children in achieving their full potential and developing school readiness skills, we must be aware of how and what they are developing. HRL-GRO has been designed as a tool to make reflection and observation intentional and focused by providing a unique developmental continuum or sequence for each learning element. HRL-GRO may be used with any developmentally appropriate curriculum but is directly linked to the HighReach Learning Objectives for Threes/Pre-K.

The GRO ongoing observation tool features:

  • 37 elements across 11 domains that allows you to track a child's progress from the way the skill develops at its early foundation to the steps of skill development leading to "school readiness"
  • A 4-step sequence of development helps you to see a full range of skill progression, allowing you to work with any child, including those with special learning needs
  • Specific teaching strategies for each learning element, showing how to link teaching to children's learning in that area
  • Web- and paper-based applications that help you observe and record children's development and learning over time
  • Family communication tools in English and Spanish that provide important information about children's development and learning
  • A wide selection of site, class, and family reports
  • Supports state standards
  • Aligns to new Head Start Child Development Framework

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