Building Understanding: The Basics 

Curriculum Implementation and Assessment

The sessions below are available as one or two-day training sessions. Call 800-729-9988, ext. 3140 or email to learn more.

Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers: Relate, Expand, Explore, Inspire
Be a partner in the "dance" of learning and growing with your little ones. Create new experiences using HighReach Learning curriculum. Use interactive tools to help explore and expand on what children are eager to learn, and inspire them to come back for more.

It Doesn't Have to Be So Hard: Curriculum Implementation Using 4 Easy Steps
Learn to use four steps to create child-interest-driven lesson plans.
  1. Gather information about children using observations and K-W-L.
  2. Customize a concept web.
  3. Choose learning experiences that match interests and goals.
  4. Plan dynamic and fun learning for preschoolers.

Using Assessment Results to Build Meaningful Lesson Plans
Discover how to link curriculum, assessment, and standards without going crazy, while creating engaging lessons that build wonder and capture curiosity. Use your assessment tool or HighReach Learning GRO and explore ways to be sure children are developing readiness skills.

The New HRL-GRO Ongoing Observation Tool
Learn techniques for gathering information to help you know the levels of development children are achieving. The GRO tool training helps you to be intentional within the curriculum by using concrete teaching strategies that match each item. Learn to use paper and/or web-based reporting tools included in this comprehensive system for tracking child progress.

What's the Big Idea? Connecting Curriculum and Concepts
Investigate how to link concept webbing and the K-W-L strategy (Know, Want to Know, Learned). Use new strategies to inspire deeper learning. Help children make amazing connections using natural wonder and curiosity to build powerful thinking skills.
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"The training you provided to our teachers, center managers, and administrators was valuable and meaningful, and our staff benefited from the materials and instructions. It was a pleasure and a learning experience and we share in your enthusiasm and energy." — I. Donald Nelson, Director Southwest Arkansas Development Council, Inc. Head Start