Coaching Services

Linking Classroom Implementation: Reflect on Teacher Practices and Child Outcomes

Coaching sessions allow HighReach trainers to offer technical assistance as they observe, listen, and learn how the curriculum is being implemented. HighReach curriculum coaches work closely with participants in these sessions to celebrate teacher strengths and identify areas that pose challenges or need clarification. Coaching services provide an up close and personal look to further support curriculum implementation. Sessions are customized by pre-session consultation, firsthand experiences of teachers at your site, and on-site observations of the trainer.

In work done by Joyce and Showers, it has been found that adults retain most knowledge and implement at higher rates when mentoring or coaching follow-up is provided. The HighReach Learning professional development team is available for follow-up coaching and support right in your environment. Coaching sessions are recommended 30–90 days after initial curriculum training.

Two-Day Coaching includes:
  • Observation Day – A HighReach curriculum coach will work with you to structure a day of observation to understand how the curriculum is being implemented. This allows the trainer to target the strengths and needs in collaboration with individual teachers or teaching teams based on the experiences of each group.

  • Coaching Day – A HighReach curriculum coach supports implementation needs through small group and/or individualized sessions for teachers and teaching teams. These sessions are customized from a strengths-and-needs analysis gained through the observation day and in consultation with stakeholders (teachers, assistants, administrators) at your site.

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